What are the pros and cons of Ruby on Rails Web Hosting?

3 min readAug 3, 2021

Ruby, the language, is very easy to learn if, and only if, you had prior knowledge on best practices, OOP, functional programming, etc. Otherwise you will probably do very poor coding in Ruby, leading to disastrous projects.

This is true for any language that uses paradigms that are different than what you are currently used to.

Best Ruby on Rails Hosting

Ruby on Rails, the web framework, is not so easy to learn. If you want to do small projects, you can use Rails out of the box and do well.

For moderately larger projects, you will need to understand more of the underpinnings and then it becomes trickier.

Then you will want to use plugins and gems, and you will have to learn even more. This is normal, again, for any technology that you don’t have prior knowledge.

What I am saying is that Best Ruby on Rails Hosting is no silver-bullet. You will benefit if you keep learning more and more every day.

People complain that it is hard to find Railers to hire. This is not true. It is very hard to find good programmers in any language nowadays. Sure, .NET, Java, PHP have a legion of thousands of programmers.

But I will say, out of my own experience hiring, that I am lucky if I can find 1 great programmer out of 200 resumes. And I am not overstating. It simply doesn’t matter if you have thousands of programmers out there that simply can’t do good code. In that regard Rails is not losing.

Ruby, Rails, most of the more famous gems and plugins, are very well documented. You can’t complain on that one. Just go to rubyonrails.org and start from there. You find links to most of the good documentation out there.

You can install Rails in any VPS or “cloud-based” services nowadays. Sure, it is not drag-and-drop installation. Rails requires that you have a little bit more sysadmin knowledge than most.

And this is good thing because my experience tells me that programmers that keep themselves ignorant of how servers work generally build bad applications to begin with.

One has to have at least a basic knowledge of how web servers, databases, caches, networking and other components work together to build competent applications.

That being said, you can use any commodity hosting service that provides you a Linux box with root access. You should be able to deliver a basic web server configured for Rails in an hour or less.

Ruby on Rails Web Hosting

Very large — Facebook-large — deployments, of course, require much higher levels of expertise. There is no standard support on Rails for such large deployments. There is no standard support on any web framework for such large deployments.

The greatest advantage of using Ruby on Rails Web Hosting is being part of a vibrant, dynamic, creative and caring community. We care about cutting edge technologies, we care about quality, and we care about best practices.

We strive to improve. We do make mistakes, lots of them, but we are fast at fixing them and moving forward. That’s the most important part.

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